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New Wolff Equipment


WOLFF offers you powerful machinery and first-class special tools for removing, preparing and installing floors. The high quality machines make your daily work much easier, providing time and cost savings. Often a machine will pay for itself on the first project.

  • Floor Covering Removal: The six versions of the legendary Stripper make light work of the otherwise tedious removal of old flooring.

  • Substrate Preparation: Powerful grinding and sanding machines prepare the floor for easy and quick installation.

  • Flooring Installation: Special machinery and tools make flooring installation easier and faster. For the sanding of wood flooring WOLFF also offers power and perfection.



  • wheel set for easier operation

  • can be used as hand-operated tool or as floor tool with height-adjustable handle

  • ugged metal casing for rough conditions 

  • special bearings to reduce vibrations

Technical specifications:
230 V/115 V, 2.0 kW, starting current limiter, max. working width 210 mm, 8,500 rpm, 16 kg, stripping capacity 30-50 m²/h



  • also for studded rubber and sport flooring

  • 2.6 kW motor with starting current limiter

  • self-propelled with hand-operated clutch for great operating convenience

  • restart cutout for safe operation

  • detachable weight and handle for easy transportation

  • Technical specifications:
    230 V/115 V, 2.6 W, starting current limiter, max. working width 150-350 mm, 5,000 strokes/min, 157 kg, stripping capacity 60-100 m²/h

Stirring station complete 75l

Stirring station complete 75l

  • Perfect for mixing of powder products (up to 3 bags)

  • Special 2 stop tip system

  • Perfect fitting tools

  • Suitable for all kind of stirring machines 

  • Includes:*
    Base frame stirring station 75l, Holding device stirring station 75l, Stirrer stirring station 75l, Mixing bucket stirring station 75l, Hose holder stirring station 75l 



  • up to 80 m²/h 

  • perfect co-ordination of impact power and selfpropelling for highest efficiency 

  • 50 years of know-how

  • The patented pull-back system stops propelling automatically when handle is pulled back
    = fast and efficient working on large areas
    = increased operating safety

    Sophisticated gearing technology
    = long service life even under extreme working conditions

    Robust impact system
    = exact removal of flooring even under severe conditions

    With blade cover
    = safe protection against injuries

    Technical specifications:
    230 V / 115 V, 2.6 kW, 5,000 strokes/min, weight 112 kg, weight of detachable hood 42 kg, blade width 350 mm

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