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    Scannex's Accredited Service and Repair Centre

Don't Grind your machinery into the floor...get it serviced.

You do not need the stress, hassle and loss of income when machinery does not work properly or packs in altogether on a time critical job.

PAT Test Logo

Not having current PAT certifications will most likely invalidate your employer and public liabilty insurance.

These can be maintained as part of your regular servicing plan.

A small cost, but something that should not be overlooked.


Daily / Weekly Basic Checks

These are routine equipment checks undertaken by your on-site staff. Making sure the machines are prepared and highlighting any issues before they escalate.


6 and 12 Month Equipment Service

To be performed by accredited service staff. These full checks will ensure the machine is working efficiently, highlight potential excess wear and tear and maintain PAT certification.


Key Milestone Services

To be performed by accredited service staff. These milestone service checks (eg 2K and 5K hours of operation) are needed to maintain any manufacturer's product warranty and ensure your investment is in the best working order. The potential resale value of used equipment will be substantially higher with a demonstarble service history

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