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New Nilfisk Equipment


Nilfisk industrial vacuums are the optimal solution for maintenance, cleaning and production automation, and are helpful for cleaning in confined areas and for the removal of hazardous dust and fumes. Industrial vacuums are also useful in places where no dust emissions are allowed, such as areas with dust-sensitive machinery, laboratories and clean room facilities.

118 single phase vacuum


Single phase industrial vacuum cleaner for dust and debris

The model 118 is a true industrial vacuum, though very small and light. It can be supplied in stainless steel, equipped with a HEPA filter and with a disposal container/safe bag for hazardous waste. It's available in L M H Class according to EN60335 2 69.

The 118 is a single phase industrial vacuum cleaner for dust and dry materials. It has one 1000 watt by-pass motor inside a metal motor-head. The filter chamber contains a star-shaped polyester "L" filter as standard, that can be replaced by several types of filters according to the applications, filter options are Nomex, PTFE, and antistatic. Furthermore a HEPA filter is available for toxic material. A lateral, standard & ergonomic filter shaker guarantees a long life for the filter. Easy to move from one site to another thanks to its wheeled trolley. The 118 has a simple and effective container release system. Another container option is a paper bag or a safe bag system.

  • Container on castors Lift/carry container system

  • Compact size

  • Star polyester "L" filter as standard HEPA filter option

  • Stainless steel versions available

  • Large range of accessories according to the application

  • L M H versions available

S2B L50 FM 2 3 phase vacuum

S2B L50 FM

2 or 3 motor single phase industrial vacuum cleaner

S2B & S3B are basic, robust single phase industrial vacuums, suitable for wet and/or dry applications. Commonly used in the engineering industry. Different versions available for various applications including fine dusts. An optional HEPA filter is available for such applications.

S2B is fitted with 2 independent"by-pass" motors and available with a 50L bin. The S3B has 3 independent "by-pass" motors and is available in 50L or 100L bin. All variants are manufactured using all metal construction. A manual shaker eases cleaning of the filter and maintains machine performance.The drop down waste container system allows for easy release and emptying.

  • 2 or 3 independent "by-pass" motors

  • Large L or M Class primary filter

  • Manual Filter shaker as standard

  • Easy release drop down waste container on wheels

  • Compact, robust and mobile industrial design

  • Full range of additional accessories available

S3 GU FM 3 motor


3 motors Single Phase Industrial Vac

S3 is a single phase industrial vac with 3 "by-pass" motors. It's fitted with an electronic board for easy control and monitoring. It's available with a 50L bin, 100L bin or a Gravity Unload System (GU) with plastic or Longopac disposal Bag. Available in L-M or H Class certified versions in the "Single Phase for Hazardous Dust "section of the Product Menu.

All the models have an easy to use electronic control panel, a manual filter shaker and a sit down container system. Several variants are available partially or completely in Stainless Steel, with Upstream Hepa filter in order to meet specific specialist needs. Model S3 GU FM has instead of the metal bin a gravity unload device with a hopper where a simple plastic bag or a more sophisticated Longopac system can be fitted. The collected material falls inside the disposal bag once the vac is off. A flap opens allowing the material to fall down when the machine is switched off. As well as the gravity unload device, mod. S3 GU FM, has as default, an "M" Class primary filter that retains very fine dust. Mod. S3 L100 is also available with a liquid level control or a solid level control. An SE version with an electric filter shaker that automatically shakes the star primary filter before and after work is also an option.

  • 3 independent "by pass" motors

  • Easy to use electronic control board

  • Electric filter shaker (variant)

  • Gravity unload with plastic bag or Longopac

  • Compact industrial machine for use anywhere in production areas

  • Solid and slim design

  • L class filter as standard

  • M Class filter as standard on S3 GU FM

  • Sit down container with castors & handle

  • Manual Filter shaker as standard

  • Accessory box Cable & hose holders

VHS120 MC compact


The most compact and powerful ever, even for hazardous materials

The VHS120 is the ideal single phase vacuum cleaner when there is need of high performances in compact dimensions for collecting any type of hazardous material.

The VHS120 L-M-H Class third party certified series represents the state-of-art of industrial vacuum cleaner suitable for collecting hazardous materials.

The M and H Class machines are equipped with M-Class start filter with glued seams to get the highest filtration efficiency and the Longopac system for an easy and safe discharge of the collected material. The absolute HEPA14 filter, standard on the H Class variant, retains the finest dust. The 2 by pass motors secure the highest performances in very compact dimensions being the machine only 630x628x1.300. The manual filter shaker allows an easy and effective cleaning of the main filter so as to keep always the best performances which can be monitored thanks to the vacuum gauge on the motor head. Accessories can be stored in the tool basket which is standard on the M and H Class machines while optional on the L Class ones.

  • Single phase, n°2 by-pass motors

  • L-M-H Class third party certified machines

  • Compact dimensions Stainless steel version

  • Absolute filtration version

  • M Class star filter with glued seams version

  • L Class machine, 37lt container easy to remove and empty

  • M-H Class machines, Longopac system for easy and safe material discharge

  • Accessories tool basket

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