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Floor Sanders for Hire

The Scanmaskin Burnisher is a powerful and efficient propane floor burnisher, featuring a heavy duty steel frame and standard 27” pad driver. This unit is well suited for both medium and large commercial jobs, and can burnish up to 34,000 sq ft per hour.

The Burnisher also offers a quick change system that allows the operator to change the pad driver size to a width of 24” or even 21”, creating more versatility (optional kit). The entire pad driver can also be removed quickly from the machine using a special locking pin, without the need for any hand tools.

With the newly designed Lehr propane fuel system, the Burnisher will automatically adjust to varying loads and does not require any manual tuning or adjustments. This unit also features dual engagement handles for easy access, and a propane emissions safety shutoff system. The WS model is available with or without a 6 gallon water tank.

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